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Hello dear readers. As most of you already know, due to several requests, I have decided to run an experiment where I compile some of my most read and most commented on blog posts over the last 5 years (yes, it’s been 5 whole years, time flies) into a PDF file and convert them into an attractive, interactive, flip page publication using a flipbook creator like Yumpu Publishing so that you lovely people can access them more easily. Especially as some of those blog posts really are timeless and even I find myself referring back to some of them once every couple of weeks. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I have finally managed to get the job done and have an attractive, slick, super sexy flip page publication of my most read blog posts (will be emailing you guys the link tomorrow, don’t fret), the bad news is that getting to this point has not been an easy task at all. Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know about some of the issues I’d been having in getting this publication made. But I thought I would write up my experience in this blog post for those of you who aren’t following me on Facebook (shame on you) and are wondering how I went from a bunch of my finest blog posts to a super slick flip page publication in less than three days.

Which Flipbook Creator Software Should I use?

I hadn’t made an interactive publication in years so couldn’t even remember the software I used last time. What was I going to use? Google will surely have the answer. I searched for a whole half hour and downloaded 5 pieces of software. No, I don’t have some weird obsession with downloading software. So why did I download so many flipbook creator software packages I hear you ask.

Well, I intended to only download one and get to work, but the first one I tried sucked massively. It took about 20 minutes to install and when it was done it crashed on me immediately. Putting this down to sheer bad luck, I clicked the next Google link and downloaded the next flipbook creator. This one was even worse but for a different reason! It asked me for my bloody bank card details the second I clicked to open the software even though it explicitly told me that the software was free on the software’s website. Was not happy or impressed at this point.

This went on for ages. Every time I thought, this is the one! This is the flipbook creator that is just going to work! Nope. No such luck. Some big errors or lack of critical features.

Save The Day

Was slumped on my desk losing hope of getting something seemingly simple done while maintaining my sanity but then decided to give it one more go. With slightly different Google search terms I came across Yumpu Publishing. The interesting name I thought. The site was damn slick. Well designed, well thought out. If their software is anything like their website then this really could be the flipbook creator that works for me. I wasn’t wrong.

Upon signing up for the software it’s safe to say, my mind was blown. It not only enabled me to convert my PDF into a slick, interactive flip page publication but it also hit me with so many other cool, useful features that my head was spinning. There are literally too many to list here but I’ve given it a fair shot and have listed some of the most incredible things I encountered with this software, below;

Some Of The Software’s Stand Out Features

  • Super-fast and glitch-free – This really, really cannot be overstated enough. This flipbook creator just worked! It loaded fast and converted my PDF fast and there was not a single glitch, crash, or freeze. Fantastic! I literally had the PDF converted in the space of 5 minutes which gave me plenty of time left over to explore the rest of what this flipbook creator had to offer (mentioned below) which eventually led me to improve on my originally exported interactive flip page publication ten-fold.
  • Hotspot Editor – This feature really impressed me. Do you know how some of my blog posts had embedded videos and slideshows? Well, the software let me drag the videos directly into the flip page publication and they play right within the publication! The same with slideshows! Unlike the other flipbook creators, I tried previously that just convert the video into a link that takes you to an external site thus ruining the experience, this software really integrates media properly into the flip page publication which makes for a really seamless, and dare I say it, enjoyable experience for the reader!
  • Optimized Content Delivery – I’ve been looking at the analytics for my blog every week for years and over the last couple of years, and over last year specifically, it’s become clearer than ever that most of you are viewing my blog
    from your smartphones, which isn’t surprising, and as a result, as most of you know, I made the investment at the start of last year to have the blog redesigned to be the mobile responsive. A week after it was done, traffic was up, engagement was up, social shares were up, and as a result, my mood was UP!
    However, knowing that such a large proportion of visitors are now accessing not just my site but most of the net via smartphones made me super worried about my flip page publication and how it would display on small smartphone screens. Thankfully this is one of the areas where the platform really, really impressed me. All interactive flip page publications created in the software are automatically resized and optimized for the screen it is being displayed on, as if by magic. And best of all, no quality is lost, regardless of which screen size you are viewing the publication from. So, my publication looks crisp, clear, and well-proportioned on a smartphone, TV, or laptop. Flipping fantastic!
  • Free To Use – Oh, and you know another unbelievably amazing thing? All of this was free. No, you are not seeing things. Unlike the other flipbook creator software packages I’d tried that had restrictive, barely functional free versions that presented you with pop-ups to enter your card details every 5 minutes, the free version of this software was non-restrictive and gave me access to tonnes of incredible and advanced features at no cost. I was not pestered for my card details and was able to create, edit and export my publication as many times as I wanted. As a result, I actually went ahead and paid for the full version which comes with even more features, which I didn’t think was possible. Funny, how by not pushing me they made me a loyal paying user.

So, there you have it, folks. The story of how I took my best blog posts that you love so much and turned them into a super slick, sexy, interactive flip page publication with the help of the best flipbook creator of them all. By the way, I’ll be sending you all the links to the publication tomorrow.

And for those of you who need to create a magazine, brochure, catalog, or something similar either for work or personal use, I highly recommend you check out Yumpu Publishing and ignore all other flipbook creator packages that promise the world but deliver nothing. You will not be disappointed.

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