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Flip Creator 210

Flip Creator To Create An Interactive Flip Page Brochure

Here we are at week 4 of my freelance journey blog series. For those of you who have just landed on my blog for the first time, firstly, where have you been!? Secondly, just to get you up to speed, this post is part of a series of posts I have been doing chronicling my journey into the wild world of graphic design freelancing. If you want to see how I got started freelancing just a short sweet month ago, and the projects I have completed for clients in previous weeks then check out my previous posts, or you could just dive right into reading this one. Completely up to you. Anyway, I mentioned very briefly in my last post that I sent off a proposal to a luxury car hire company (that I’ve been a huge fan of for years) as I came across a freelance job ad put out by them. They were looking for a freelance designer to design a small six-page marketing brochure for them to persuasively and attractively present their new cars. My enthusiasm must have really won them over as I managed to secure the work (they got back to me 5 days ago with the good news). I’ve been working like a maniac over the last few days to complete this brochure to really impress them, as during the interview process they dropped a few hints that if this first piece of work goes well that they would want to work with me on other things further down the line.

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Flippingbook 5400

Flippingbook – Customize it with audio, video, images, and links

So, as I’m sure most of you guys know, I finally launched my photography business three weeks ago. If you’re new to the blog check out my previous posts which have documented much of the planning and preparation I have done leading up to this point. I’ve spent the past five days researching marketing techniques that other small photography companies have used to land new clients. I’d made a shortlist of marketing techniques I wanted to try out by the third day and was all rearing to go. One technique I read about on a blog post from a competitor was turning my website into an interactive flippingbook and then sending that to a potential client. My competitor, according to his blog post, had landed some pretty big-ticket clients using this technique, especially as a lot of people aren’t using this method yet, so it is still different and novel enough to grab people’s attention. The idea is to take key sections of your website, so in my case it was; about me, services, previous client work, price list, and contact details and save that info as a PDF or Word file and then convert that lifeless document into a dynamic, interactive flippingbook brochure. Thing was, the competitor detailed the whole process but didn’t mention the actual flippingbook software he had used! There were screenshots in his blog post but I couldn’t make out what the actual software was. I emailed him and sent him a Facebook message asking about it, but no reply. There was only one solution. Finding it myself.

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Flipbook Creator 1600

Flipbook Creator – The best software there is on the internet

Hello dear readers. As most of you already know, due to several requests, I have decided to run an experiment where I compile some of my most read and most commented on blog posts over the last 5 years (yes, it’s been 5 whole years, time flies) into a PDF file and convert them into an attractive, interactive, flip page publication using a flipbook creator like Yumpu Publishing so that you lovely people can access them more easily. Especially as some of those blog posts really are timeless and even I find myself referring back to some of them once every couple of weeks. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I have finally managed to get the job done and have an attractive, slick, super sexy flip page publication of my most read blog posts (will be emailing you guys the link tomorrow, don’t fret), the bad news is that getting to this point has not been an easy task at all. Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know about some of the issues I’d been having in getting this publication made. But I thought I would write up my experience in this blog post for those of you who aren’t following me on Facebook (shame on you) and are wondering how I went from a bunch of my finest blog posts to a super slick flip page publication in less than three days.

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flip page 1263

Flip Page Creator – You will never want any other software again

So, as I’m sure those of you who’ve been following this blog for at least a couple of weeks already know, I recently got a job as a graphic designer for a medium-sized fashion company in the middle of my hometown. And so far I’m absolutely loving it and have been able to effortlessly tackle any challenge that has come my way, to the attention of my boss who has complimented me twice in just one week. Twice! However, yesterday was the first day in the office where I was really thrown a curveball. The task seemed simple enough. I was to take the company’s fall catalog which was in Word format and convert it into a well-designed interactive flip page brochure. Sounded simple enough to me at the time as I thought there must be countless programs online that can do this sort of stuff with no problem whatsoever. Boy was I wrong.

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Flip Pdf 4418

PDF Flip Page – Publish PDFs that can be flipped in record time!

Many of you have been messaging me via email and on Facebook asking me why on earth I haven’t posted on this blog for a few weeks when I had been posting twice a week for the last two months like clockwork. Fret not, loyal readers, I haven’t decided to pack up blogging to spend my days playing video games or anything like that. But it’s clear I owe you guys an explanation and thankfully it ties in well with my monthly “technology tip” blog post.

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